Amid a global pandemic and calls for social change, we can care for others while caring for ourselves.

As gyms and studios begin to reopen, many people are not ready to return for fear of further spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Studio6Fitness offers a safe alternative to group fitness classes by providing a variety of online workouts that you can do in your own home with minimal equipment.

Knowing that many people are struggling during these unprecedented times, pricing is affordable, at less than $1/day.

To assist those who are struggling most with economic challenges, mental health issues, food insecurity, and social injustice, 25% of Studio6Fitness profits will be donated to charities that support these causes:

NAACP- supporting racial equality and equal rights for All

Feeding America- providing food for those in need

The Environmental Defense Fund- working to save our planet

The National Alliance on Mental Illness – working on policy change to provide care to those who need it.

Unique Fitness Classes… Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Boot Camp, High Intensity Workouts (HIIT) & Personal Training

Personalized Programs and Instruction.

Customized and delivered to you in your home.
For more info Contact

For Pass Purchases use Venmo @Kristin-Champagne-2

Monthly Class Pricing- $25/ month Unlimited Live Classes

Personal Training – $20/ 30 minute 1:1 session

Class Schedule (beginning August 24th 2020)

Monday6:15 pm Boot Camp
Tuesday6:30 am Cardio HIIT/ Core (30 mins)
Wednesday6:15 pm Barre (40 minutes)
Thursday6:30 am Yoga (40 mins)
Friday6:30 am Strength HIIT/ Core (30 mins)
Saturday 9:15 am Barre (40 mins)
Sunday6:15 pm Yoga (40 mins)